Latest News from the Ranch

WOW!  What a year it’s been!  Timber Butte went to so many venues – it sometimes was hard to keep track of where we were supposed to be, and who was supposed to be there!  We were lucky to have met so many just nice people, and were lucky enough to have converted some to customers!  I promise to update this site more often in 2010 (how’s that for a New Years Resolution!!).  We started selling to the public in May at the Eagle City market, and the year just took off.  Thank you to all our new customers, and please remember, if you see something you would like, we will deliver to your door!


For 2010, I plan to add a calander page, that way you can keep track of where we are supposed to be!  I’ll be finalizing our events calander over the next 30 days or so, so if you have a venue you would like to see us attend, please shoot me an email, and we’ll look into it!

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