Cooking Elk

Cooking Elk is different than cooking beef because elk doesn’t have the fat marbleing through the meat. Our favorite way to cook elk is on the BBQ.  Elk steak can go from good to overcooked quickly, so we generally pull the meat from the BBQ when it is almost done. The meat will continue cooking a little, and be ready to eat immediatley. Another way we cook steak is to sear the steak – we generally will sear the steak for 2-4 minutes a side depending on the heat.  I cook Top Round Steak this way, slice it thin, and serve over noodles – makes the steak taste like a more expensive cut.

When cooking ribs, baby back ribs, or roasts, low and slow, moist cooking is the rule. Due to the lack of fat, cooking less expensive cuts of meat in stock produces the best results. One of my favorite ways to cook elk roast is to put it in the crock pot (frozen) with stock, and vegetables and go to work. By the time I get home, we have a wonderful meal, and the meat is very tender.

Stew is another easy way to prepare Elk – my husband likes my stew after it sits overnight – gives the flavors time to mix.  We also enjoy meatloaf using ground elk!