Welcome to Timber Butte!

Timber Butte Elk Ranch is a family ranch, home to the Molenaar family and an ever increasing number of Roosevelt Elk. The ranch is located about 45 minutes north of Boise, Idaho.  We welcome tours of the facility. Generally a ranch tour will last about an hour, is educational in nature, with a focus on getting to know the elk, how they are raised, and treated. We strive to match the tour to the age group, and welcome groups from schools, scout troups, even assisted care facilities. Most of the tour will take place in our handling facility, which is a large enclosed building that has a concrete floor, with seating provided.  groups can arrange lunch to be served.

Timber Butte is proud to sell only the best quality Elk products. Our meat contains no steroids or growth enhancing hormones. Our elk are fed a diet of grasses, clover, alfalfa, and as treats, oats, rice bran and apples. We are happy to help with cooking suggestions, as cooking elk is different than cooking beef. Elk meat doesn’t marble, fat accumulated across the exterior of the back and the stomach, and is easily removed leaving only lean nutritious meat. When our trim is ground, we don’t add anything, so you just get delicious elk!