About Us

Timber Butte Elk Ranch is owned and operated by the Molenaar family near Boise, Idaho. This is a working ranch, but we do offer group tours if you’d like to visit and learn more. We primarily raise Roosevelt Elk, which are also known as Olympic Elk. These majestic animals are the largest species of North American elk with some mature bulls reaching over 1,100 pounds. At Timber Butte Elk Ranch, we’re proud to raise our animals ethically and sustainably. Our elk enjoy fresh, green pastures and sunshine. Their diet is primarily pasture based and we never use steroids or growth hormones. We do supplement with the occasional treat like apples and rice bran though. Our animals are happy to explore the ranch and browse on all the lush clovers and grasses native to the Boise area. If you’d like to visit and see for yourself, schedule a tour. If you’re interested in ordering pastured elk meat, you can shop online by clicking here.
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