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Shipping Daily from Timber Butte Elk Ranch in Horseshoe Bend Idaho

At Timber Butte Elk Ranch, we raise our animals on fresh pasture in the rolling hills of Horseshoe Bend Idaho. There’s no steroids or growth hormones here on our family-owned and operated ranch. Just fresh air, sunshine and rolling pastures where the animals forage daily. We practice sustainable land management at our elk ranch. That means, we’re rotating our elk through different areas so that the land has time to recover between grazing. This makes for healthier, mineral rich soil and natural biodiversity. It’s one of the many reasons we think this is both the best elk meat you’ll ever try and the last place your ever shop online for elk meat. Bookmark this page because we know you’ll be back!

What Makes Elk Meat So Good?

When people ask this question the comparison to beef almost always comes up, but that’s an apples to oranges comparison for sure! Elk meat is leaner than ground beef by a wide margin with only 7 grams of fat per 3oz serving, when the same portion of ground beef will net you 13 grams of fat. And while it’s a leaner meat, you definitely won’t lose out on flavor by choosing elk! High in iron and B vitamins, elk is anything but gamey and tough. This is a premium product that’s flavorful, healthy and delicious.

Here’s a few of the products we have for sale via online ordering at the moment:

If you’re local to us, you can also reach out for custom orders and local delivery on elk steak, grass fed elk burgers, stew meat and more.

For online orders, select from the products on this page and place your order right here. You’ll have tender, grass fed elk meat delivered to your door in no-time.

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